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Thanks for stopping by to read our Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches review here at TrustedReviewer. Whether you’ve already chosen to buy, and just want that bit of reassurance, or you’re only just starting to shop around, our review will help you to find the right product for you in the Outdoor Adventure category. Whether you choose to buy from a local retailer or get yourself a deal online it’s important that you do your research to find the best product and price from a retailer that you know and trust. With 398 products in the Outdoor Adventure category, ranging from just £1.49 right up to £650 there’s plenty of choice for you to get yourself at the best available. If you don’t have the time to read the full review, then the above scores will give you a good idea of how Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches stacks up against other products in the Outdoor Adventure category.

Is Swimovate best for Outdoor Adventure products?

There are of course hundreds of options and different brands to choose from, there are 4 Swimovate products and a total of 398 to choose from in the Outdoor Adventure category. So there’s absolutely no doubts that it is a tough task choosing the right item to buy. Our best advice is to try and maximise the use of your budget by getting the very best within your pre-determined price range. Chances are you’ve already got your mind set on a product, which is why you’re looking for Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches reviews. As a guide you can expect to pay approximately £115.82 for Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches (the price at Wiggle Online Cycle Shop on our latest search)

there’s a huge amount of choice for those looking to buy their Outdoor Adventure online. The trick is finding the best product for the money. You’re here because you’re interested in Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches reviews, which suggests you’re looking for Outdoor Adventure products in the region of £115.82 (the price we found Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches at from Wiggle Online Cycle Shop on our recent search). Our review scores above have been developed using a range of data sources, from customer reviews, price comparisons and expert reviews, all collated in order to give you a good as possible indication on whether is right for you.

  • Heart rate in and out of the water Most heart rate monitors do not work under water. The PoolMateHR has been specially designed for swimmers so it will transmit when in the pool. View your heart rate on the watch during your swim and download afterwards for further analysis. You can also use it as a heart rate monitor out of the pool for other activities. The majority of modern heart rate monitors operate at 2.4GHz which does not penetrate water so they will not show heart rate in the pool. The PoolMateHR works at 122KHz which will transmit in water Automatic lap and stroke counting for each lap The PoolMateHR has all our swim monitoring functions including laps, strokes, speed, distance, calories, stroke length, strokes per minute and efficiency which are automatically calculated from your arm movements. In addition to the set by set information shown by the PoolMate and PoolMatePro, the PoolMateHR downloads data for each individual lap you swim. Vibrating alarm Our unique vibrating alarm alerts you when you have swam a certain number of laps, distance or time interval- a really great innovation to keep track in the pool. Tough but stylish The PoolMateHR has a sleek but tough design with sapphire crystal glass and a ceramic bezel so it stands up to the hardest swim session and is suitable for everyday wear too. Downloadable and rechargeable The PoolMateHR comes with it’s own USB pod which charges the watch and downloads the data to your computer. The battery should last a few weeks with normal use so wont need charging too often. Battery life around 30 days, charging time < 2 hours. Software Filter your swim by stroke type Add notes or edit data. Select any session and examine in detail including individual laps and sets within the swim Graphical analysis of your stroke count, times, speed etc  see how they have changed over time. See how far you have swum this month or year. Multiple swimmer support. View your fastest times, best stroke count etc. at a glance. Software download from  In the Pool Automatic lap and stroke counting Distance, Speed Heart rate (chest belt) Calories, Efficiency Vibrating alarm Suitable for all strokes in pools over over 18m Yards and metres Out of the pool Chrono mode Heart rate (chest belt) Multisession memory Large clear display and backlight Rechargeable (battery life a few weeks) 24 hour clock and alarm Sapphire crystal glass and ceramic surround On Your Computer Software for Mac and PC Set by set data Lap by lap data Graphical analysis Track progress and history Stroke length, stroke cadence Heart rate zones Weight: 67g Diameter of face: 48mm Strap fits wrists from: 14.5 to 21.5cm Included: PoolMateHR watch, USB download and charging pod, USB cable, Chest belt    
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Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches Review: Quality – 91%

Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches scored 9.1 in our review which makes it one of the top products available in the Outdoor Adventure category. In order to reach the overall score we use a combination of expert product reviews, customer feedback and a range of other criteria, including brand reputation and 3rd party review scores. As a guide, a score above 8.1 would be considered good for products in the Outdoor Adventure sector.

Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches Price Analysis

There are a huge number of products available in the Outdoor Adventure, 398 in fact. And 4 from Swimovate. To give you an idea of what you can expect to pay, the cheapest product in the category is just £1.49 with the most expensive available at £650. Specifically for products from Swimovate the cheapest is £26 and most expensive £115.82. The average price charged in the Outdoor Adventure category is £81.91 and the average price of a product from Swimovate is £67.59. On our most recent search Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches was available at £115.82 from Wiggle Online Cycle Shop. To run the latest price check simply click the “read full review” button where we’ll run an up to date comparison from all of our trusted partners to bring you the best price.

Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches received a score of 93% during our price ranking, which makes it one of the top scoring products in terms of price in the Outdoor Adventure category.

Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches Reviews

In order to bring you the most detailed and informative reviews we pull details and customer feedback from a huge range of online retailers, including Wiggle Online Cycle Shop. The review score of 9.3 was reached through the details provided by the top merchants and as previously mentioned, a huge range of other criteria. The score is designed to give you a quick reference way of deciding if Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches is the right product for you, or if you should keep looking elsewhere. As you can see, it scored above average, which makes it a great option if you do decide to go with it. For us Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches really stands out from the crowd because it scores highly in all of our price, quality, features and overall ratings.

If you are already a customer of Wiggle Online Cycle Shop and have bought either Swimovate products or even better, you’ve bought Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches before, we’d love to hear your feedback. If you’ve got any advice or tips for potential customers looking to buy Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches then just drop us a comment in the section below and we’ll get it approved in order to help future customers make the right choice. Try and give as much detail as you can, including where you bought it from, how much you paid, when you bought it and any specific feedback you have on the price, quality, durability or anything else you feel is important.

Retailers stocking Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches

Online shopping has meant that there are almost endless possibilities of where you buy your products from. That said we strongly encourage you to try and stick to retailers that are tried, tested and most importantly trusted. Whilst there are plenty of small independent retailers out there that are honest and truly care for their customers, there are also plenty of distrusted retailers that don’t look after the customer in the way that you expect and rightly deserve. If you have decided upon Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches then click the “Read Full Review” button, where you’ll be directed to our automated price scanning and review finding system, at which point you will be redirected to the preferred retailer based on reliability, service, price and reviews. We can’t stress enough how important it is to stick to retailers that you can rely on, the big names essentially. You’ll be grateful for that extra peace of mind that you’ll get great customer service and will be looked after should you need to contact customer services. Don’t forget to also bear in mind when shopping around online that you will need to pay a delivery cost with some retailers, so factor this cost in when doing your sums to work out the best prices.

Alternative products from Swimovate

Swimovate are of course one of the leading brands when it comes to shopping in the Outdoor Adventure category. Offering 4 products makes them not only one of the brands offering the best range available but of course one of the most recognisable brands. The average price of the products from Swimovate is £67.59, which puts them in the category that we like to consider as “good value for money”.

Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches Video Reviews

If you’d like a bit more information then why not watch the video below from YouTube.

Swimovate Video Reviews

We would also recommend the following video on the brand Swimovate too.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Swimovate Pool Mate HR Sports Watches review from the Outdoor Adventure category. If there’s any products that we have not yet reviewed please leave us a comment and we will do our best to get a review added.

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